Goes to Japan

ohayo gozaimasu.

I wanna go to JAPAN.
Japan is one of my favorite country that I'd love to visit.(maunya :p) There are some reasons that make me wanna go there. The one that I wanna do there, I wanna touch snow.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comhehehe.
Yeah, as you know that there's no snow in my country, Indonesia, which is tropical country. It's the simple one. Beside that, I love japanesse culture. I like to see someone who wear kimono or yukata. I'd love to have that one. (so expensive, especially for kimono, too bad)

Since I was in Junior high school I have a dream to go there. Maybe I was hypnotized by reading commics. But it's ok, no matter what. I've ever learned Japanesse language(?) with my chairmate. She's so fast in learning japanesse. Well, it's hard to learn katakana, hiragana, and of course KANJI. fufufu
'till now I haven't yet finished it. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comso bad. Maybe it happens 'cause I didn't take it seriously. I should learn more and more if I wanna go there.

One of my effort in pursuing my dream is study hard. (*lying)
Choosing environmental engineering is one of my way to get closer to JAPAN. In senior high school I've read that in Japan there're a lot of scholarship for majoring environmental engineering. Woooo. I hope that I get one. :)

In this new term in campuss, I hope I'll be better and make me close to my dream.



shidiq sutikno mengatakan...

kenapa gak menjelajah indonesia dulu???
Bener2 gak nasionalis nih...


mimpiku, menjelejahi desa & kota2 di indonesia dari sabang sampai merauke.


riry mengatakan...

ahahaha, baiklah. :D

bukan berarti gak nasionalis loh. :)

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