KIMCHI-Korean bla bla bla(lupa singkatannya).

Kalo jaman jahiliyah dulu mungkin saya mau banget dah dateng ke konser ini. Ada suju, Park Jung min(SS501), dll(yang lain saya gak kenal, mereka muncul saat saya udah tobat :p). Ngeliat orang-orang sooooo histeris nonton ni konser. After waiting for 4-5 years, finally they come to Indonesia. Even without a full team, causing by Siwon had another job in Korea.

First time I know about KPop when I was in SHS. Cute guys with a nice voice. By the time I know that I can't be like that, like the fanatic fans. Buying the stuffs about them, cd, or anything about the. Besides wasting money and time, I think that I have to0 many things to think than KPop, boy band especially. :p

Yeah, the time goes so fast.
Go straight and enjoy your life ry! :D
without being anyfans. LOL


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